Lampworking questions St Ives, Cornwall

Hi Thank you for calling in.....
My name is Lesley and I am the owner of this website and maker of lampwork glass beads and jewellery.
A graphic artist by 'trade' under the old 5 year apprenticeship scheme my childhood was filled with art.
My Grandfather was a Professional Sign writer and Calligrapher.
Every school holiday was spent with my relations in St Ives, Cornwall who were artists. The famous St Ives artists were friends of my relations and obviously I was influenced by these creative people. Every spare moment has always been filled with drawing, sewing, quilting, painting or constructing something with an artistic theme.

If I happen to have any spare time?!
I attempt to play the classical guitar - this will be a journey for life as this is a very difficult task for me!
I also like to sail, walk, ride my bike (not up hills!)travel, design my website and cook dinner for friends.

Q. Where/how did I learn to make beads?
A. First I attended a short workshop AT BEADED LILY in Florence, Italy I then spent many hours at the torch. I still spend as many available hours as possible and I still have disasters. Some days it all goes wrong. other days wow, what joy when I open the kiln.
Later I attended two workshops on Murano Island off Venice, Italy the home of the masters of glass! It was fabulous and I am more hooked on glass than ever.
This May 2012 I attended another workshop in Murano, Venice, Italy with Kristina Logan & Davide Penso and I learnt so much it was amazing.
I also made some new friends from all over the world.
Kristina Logan (USA)
Davide Penso (Murano, Venice, Italy) two workshops
Tim James (Florence, Italy)

Q. Do I have a studio/workshop?
A. Yes at last. I go as there often as I can.
Q. What tools do I use?
A. I use a Norton Minor & Norton Mega Minor Torch, also various brass and graphite tools.
Q. Which glass do I use?
A. Effetre Italian glass rods and sometimes CIM rods.
Q. Do I make bead mistakes?
A. LOTS !!! I learn new glassy art daily.
Q. Are you a member of any organisations?
A. Yes
I am a Member of GBUK (glass bead makers UK)
Also St Ives Arts Club, Cornwall Crafts Association
SRA Jewellery Artist number 2326

Below is a photograph of some of the tools I use to create my beads.

June 2012
I have just returned from a fabulous course on Murano Island, Venice with Kristina Logan, this was held in the school of Glass.

Please note:
Beads can choke young children therefore they are unsuitable for little ones!!!
based in the stunning artistic quarter of St Ives, Cornwall.